Hood County Hummers Walking Club

A Walking Club, really?

What is Volkssporting???

Although Volksmarching (walking) is the most popular of the Volkssport options, Volkssporting also includes cycling, swimming, and in the northern states cross country skiing. Volkssporting is designed to promote physical fitness and good health via safe exercise in a stress-free environment.

Volksmarching is not about walking along a street no further than a few blocks away from your own front door. Volksmarching is about travel and seeing new places. Volksmarching allows a person to enjoy our land from the ground up. It is a sport were you can visit and enjoy a small, unique town; a major city, a historic battlefield, a state or national park; or the quiet beauty of mountains, plains, deserts, or beaches. Volkssporting events are held in every state throughout the year. Trails are laid out for your enjoyment and they are marked with ribbons, or you are given a map or a set of directions to follow.

The Hood County Hummers Club is a member of the American Volkssport Association (AVA) and the Texas Volkssport Association (TVA). Both of these Association's webpages have information on our sport as well as online information about upcoming events.

At each walk or club meeting there are brochures for upcoming events. Events in the local area, throughout Texas, and also neighboring states.